Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Air sits still
I walk towards the end
Where roads combine
Where skies fade
In hues
Of what I feel
For you
Morning never comes

The Performer

There is a platform that holds him high 
As the faceless crowd watches his every step. 
He wanders across this stage and parades in all kinds of costumes. 
He plays the clown who juggles flaming spears 
And when he stumbles, the people hiss and jeer. 
He has sung the operettas, sparing cacophonies 
And the audience will lend him their loudest cheers. 
He's played the leading roles with lengthy lines, 
A wholesome man reciting fallacies under the spotlight 
But when the make-up's rinsed off and the outfit's unzipped, 
All that's left is a man and his ordinary life 
Whose lips still echo with the voice of one who would exist.


I couldn't hear your footsteps as you walked past me, 
Nor the sounds of the exuberant children nearby 
And the laughter that followed after. 
Only did the increasing volume of my heart speed its way into my ears 
And the continuous battering of my eyelids, 
Reassuring myself you were really there. 
Fast as my heartbeats did time appear to brake 
With an exemption of the sudden movements of the sunlight on your face 
For vast shadows did evaporate 
When you were not too distant anymore. 
And as I stood there while your presence vanished past me, 
While the merry children kept their smiles wide awake 
Mine had gone away as well,
Unable to hear the faint echo of your footsteps 
Tracing a line I could not follow.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I still feel you sometimes
When I soak in the sunlight
That seeps in through the window
Hitting all the furniture in its way
I see your gray hairs glimmer
As you read the morning paper
And the black coffee staining every page
You put down on the table
For a while I hear nothing but your quiet
That fills every corner of the room
Like your thoughts are merely ghosts
Flying over my head
And then you clear your throat
Or switch a leg to cross
Or turn to me and smile a little
You say something softly, like
Good morning, or
Or nothing
You just smile.

I look at that same sunlight
Seeping through any window
And I'll soak in it for a while
It almost feels as if
Your arms are around me
You were always the warmest,
After all.